Best Robo-Advisors in Europe in 2024 (Compared) | Robo-Advisor Finder (2024)

Robo-advisors are rapidly becoming mainstream across the globe as they may be one of the best options available for investors looking for low-cost wealth management services. The number of Robo-advisors is steadily increasing, as is the range of services they offer. Among those services, you might find Robo-advisors offering financial planning tools, tax-efficient techniques, access to human financial advisors' assistance, Socially Responsible portfolios, and many other services.

At Robo-Advisor Finder, we follow over 80 Robo-advisors worldwide, of which more than 30 offer their services to European investors. That's a lot to check, right? In this article, we'll make it easier for you by mentioning the best Robo-advisors in Europe and why we think they are among the best-automated wealth management platforms.

If you want to know more about Robo-advisors, how they function, what services they provide, and whether or not this type of automated investment is right for you, you can take a look at our article “What is a Robo-advisor?”

Here’s the quick list that we’ll be covering:

  1. inbestMe: Best overall
  2. eToro: Best social investing platform. The company offers robo-advice services through its “Smart Portfolios” which are designed to help investors in creating diversified portfolios.
  3. Whitebox: Best for Deutsch-speaking countries
  4. Indexa Capital: Best for Spanish and French-speaking countries
  5. Curvo: Best for Belgian investors
  6. Simplewealth: Best for Swiss investors
  7. Scalable Capital: Best for brokerage and robo-advisor. Only available in Germany and Austria. New users get one free share or ETF.
  8. Moneyfarm: Best for UK and Italian investors

Best Robo-advisors in Europe

While Robo-advisors have been popular for several years in the US, with many players competing for market share as they started offering free Robo-advisory services, Europe has lagged behind. However, more Robo-advisors are coming into the market, aiming to provide more innovative services and make investing more accessible to everyone. In general, low pricing, low minimum deposit requirements, and increased portfolio customization are undoubtedly among the main factors for investors when looking for a suitable Robo-advisor.

To list the best Robo-advisors in Europe, we've checked different platforms and evaluated those three main characteristics, and here are the results of our deep dive research.

#1 InbestMe (Low Fees & Portfolio Customization)

💲Fees: Between 0.15% and 0.50% per year

💵 Minimum balance: €1,000 for Spanish Investors (€250 for pensions); $/€5,000 for International investors

🚩Available countries: Worldwide except US, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia

💬 Supported languages: English & Spanish

A Spanish Robo-advisor offering a wide range of automatically managed portfolios. Its offerings include Socially Responsible portfolios, and they allow you to customize your portfolio to fit your investing profile better. It has many other features, like automatic rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, and access to a personal financial advisor for amounts greater than €100,000. You can read our inbestMe review for further insights.

inbestMe is suitable for all investors across Europe looking for a low-fee Robo-advisor with some degree of portfolio customization.

Best Robo-Advisors in Europe in 2024 (Compared) | Robo-Advisor Finder (1)

#2 eToro (Social Investing Platform)

💲Fees: Zero Management and account Fees. Other fees apply.

💵 Minimum balance: Varies by country

🚩Available countries: Most EU countries

💬 Supported languages: Multiple languages

eToro is a multi-asset brokerage and social trading platform that was created in 2007. It has grown in prominence as a leading online platform for social investing and trading in a wide range of financial assets such as equities, cryptocurrencies, commodities, FX, and others.

While eToro provides some social trading and portfolio management capabilities that are comparable to robo-advisors, it is important to remember that eToro's core functionality is centered on social trading, and its platform may not fully mimic the services provided by dedicated robo-advisory firms.

In Europe, the company offers robo-advice services through its “Smart Portfolios” which are designed to help investors in creating diversified portfolios.

Best Robo-Advisors in Europe in 2024 (Compared) | Robo-Advisor Finder (2)

#3 Whitebox (Low minimum balance)

💲Fees: Between 0.35% and 0.95% per year

💵 Minimum balance: €25

🚩Available countries: Worldwide except the US

💬 Supported languages: Deutsch

Whitebox is a German Robo-Advisor that manages portfolios automatically but based on hybrid investment strategies (active and passive). You can choose among four different investment strategies: Value, Value Green, Global, and Global Green. Although their website is only Deutsch, any international investor can open an account at Whitebox (excluding individuals with US citizenship or US tax liability). The only requirement is a SEPA-enabled account in EUR.

Whitebox is a suitable Robo-advisor for all European investors (more specifically Deutsch investors) looking to start investing with a very low amount and are familiar with the Deutsch language.

Best Robo-Advisors in Europe in 2024 (Compared) | Robo-Advisor Finder (3)

#4 Indexa Capital (Low fees)

💲Fees: Between 0.15% and 0.43% per year

💵 Minimum balance: €1,500 for Spanish Investors; €3,000 for International investors

🚩Available countries: Most EU countries, UK and Switzerland

💬 Supported languages: Spanish & French

Indexa Capital is a leading Robo-advisor in Spain that focuses on index funds. They determine your investor profile based on your answers to their questionnaire, and they recommend a suitably diversified portfolio accordingly. Then, they work on managing your portfolio by automatically rebalancing and ensuring global diversification at low management costs.

Indexa Capital is a good Robo-advisor for anyone living in one of the EU countries (excluding Cyprus, Gibraltar, and Malta), the United Kingdom, or Switzerland, who is familiar with French or Spanish, and is looking to invest automatically at low fees.

Best Robo-Advisors in Europe in 2024 (Compared) | Robo-Advisor Finder (4)

#5 Curvo (Low minimum balance)

💲Fees: 0.60% to 1.00% annually

💵 Minimum balance: €50

🚩Available countries: Belgium

💬 Supported languages: English

Curvo is a new Robo-advisor available for Belgian citizens offering automated portfolios tailored to investors' goals. Following a brief questionnaire, they recommend one of their five portfolios: Protective, Calm, Smooth, Energetic and Growth. They invest in index funds, and your money is rebalanced regularly.

Best Robo-Advisors in Europe in 2024 (Compared) | Robo-Advisor Finder (5)

#6 Simplewealth (Low fees)

💲Fees: 0.50% annually

💵 Minimum balance: CHF 5,000

🚩Available countries: EU countries & Switzerland

💬 Supported languages: English

Simplewealth is a Robo-advisor based in Zurich offering automated wealth management services for residents of Switzerland or the European Union. They’ll ask you approximately 10–15 questions to better understand your goals, investment expectations, and investment horizon. Then, they’ll recommend a portfolio after analyzing your answers and work on automatically managing it.

Best Robo-Advisors in Europe in 2024 (Compared) | Robo-Advisor Finder (6)

#7 Scalable Capital (Low minimum balance)

💲Fees: 0.75% annually

💵 Minimum balance: €20 monthly or a lump sum of €1,000

🚩Available countries: Austria, Germany.

💬 Supported languages: English, Deutsch.

Scalable Capital is a fintech company offering brokerage and Robo-advisory services. They assist individuals in investing in stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies on their own, as well as obtaining a customized, internationally diversified, and fully managed portfolio. They provide a variety of investing strategies based on specific themes (GDP Global, Value, Dynamic Risk Management, ...). They also provide sustainable investing strategies and the chance to diversify your portfolio with gold and cryptocurrency.

Like other free stock promotions in Europe (Trading 212 voucher code is an example), new Scalable Capital users get one free stock or ETF using the link mentioned before.

Best Robo-Advisors in Europe in 2024 (Compared) | Robo-Advisor Finder (7)

#8 Moneyfarm (Low fees and access to financial advisors)

💲Fees: UK: between 0.35% and 0.75% annually - Italy: between 0.40% and 1.00% annually

💵 Minimum balance: £500 (UK) €5,000 (Italy)

🚩Available countries: UK and Italy

💬 Supported languages: English and Italian

Moneyfarm is a Robo-advisor that offers seven portfolios made up of a combination of ETFs based on your risk profile. One key difference between Moneyfarm and other robo-advisors is that you are assigned a financial advisor who can provide guidance while you start your investing journey. It currently accepts clients from the United Kingdom and Italy and is suitable for new investors looking to invest their small savings at a low cost.

Best Robo-Advisors in Europe in 2024 (Compared) | Robo-Advisor Finder (8)

Best Robo-Advisors in Europe Compared

Best Robo-Advisors in Europe in 2024 (Compared) | Robo-Advisor Finder (9)

Final Thoughts

Overall, Robo-advisors are ideal for investors looking for “set and forget” investment solutions. However, with the growing number of Robo-advisors in Europe, it is becoming increasingly difficult for investors to select the one that best suits their needs.

To make things easier, we've compiled a list of Europe's six best Robo-advisor options. However, many more companies might also suit your needs, so we encourage you to check our full list of Robo-advisors. In general, we suggest you visit their websites, read about how they implement their investing strategies, compare the fees charged, and verify that the company is regulated.

Remember, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

A reminder that the above should not be construed as investment advice and should be considered information only. Investors should do their own research and due diligence about the services and opportunities best suited for their risk, returns, and impact strategy.

Happy investments!


What is the best Robo-advisor in Europe?

  1. inbestMe: Best overall
  2. eToro: Best social investing platform and theme portfolios.
  3. Whitebox: Best for Deutsch-speaking countries
  4. Indexa Capital: Best for Spanish and French-speaking countries
  5. Curvo: Best for Belgian investors
  6. Simplewealth: Best for Swiss investors
  7. Scalable Capital: Best for brokerage and robo-advisor. Only available in Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Spain
  8. Moneyfarm: Best for UK and Italian investors

How much money do I need to invest with a Robo-advisor?

Most Robo-advisors have a very low minimum balance requirement to start investing (you can find Robo-advisors that allow you to start investing starting at $5).

Do Robo-advisors beat the market?

No, most Robo-advisors invest in ETFs and work on matching the performance of a particular market benchmark. So, they tend to closely replicate the market's performance rather than beat it.

As an enthusiast and expert in the field of robo-advisors, with an in-depth understanding of the various platforms and their offerings, I can provide valuable insights into the concepts mentioned in the article.

Firstly, the article discusses the rise of robo-advisors globally, highlighting their appeal to investors seeking low-cost wealth management services. This trend is substantiated by the increasing number of robo-advisors and the expanding range of services they provide.

The concepts covered include:

  1. Robo-Advisor Finder: The article refers to a platform that tracks over 80 robo-advisors globally, with a focus on more than 30 serving European investors. This demonstrates a comprehensive approach to researching and evaluating these platforms.

  2. Key Services Offered by Robo-Advisors:

    • Financial Planning Tools: Robo-advisors are not just about automated investing; they also provide tools for financial planning.
    • Tax-Efficient Techniques: Some robo-advisors offer strategies to optimize tax efficiency in investment portfolios.
    • Access to Human Financial Advisors: Certain platforms provide access to human financial advisors, combining technology with personalized assistance.
    • Socially Responsible Portfolios: The article highlights that robo-advisors may offer portfolios aligned with socially responsible investing, catering to investors with ethical considerations.
  3. List of Best Robo-Advisors in Europe: The article presents a curated list of robo-advisors in Europe, showcasing expertise in evaluating and selecting platforms based on specific criteria.

  4. Criteria for Evaluating Robo-Advisors:

    • Low Pricing: Emphasizes the importance of cost-effectiveness for investors.
    • Low Minimum Deposit Requirements: Indicates accessibility for a broader range of investors.
    • Increased Portfolio Customization: Reflects a desire for personalized investment strategies.
  5. Individual Robo-Advisor Profiles:

    • InbestMe: Low fees, portfolio customization, and a broad range of offerings for investors across Europe.
    • eToro: Known for its social investing platform, offering diversified portfolios.
    • Whitebox: Stands out for low minimum balance and hybrid investment strategies.
    • Indexa Capital: Focuses on low fees and index fund-based portfolios.
    • Curvo: Tailored for Belgian investors with low minimum balance requirements.
    • Simplewealth: Based in Zurich, offering low-fee automated wealth management.
    • Scalable Capital: Provides brokerage and robo-advisory services with a variety of investment strategies.
    • Moneyfarm: Features low fees, access to financial advisors, and a variety of portfolios for UK and Italian investors.
  6. Comparison and Final Thoughts:

    • The article compares the highlighted robo-advisors based on their features and suitability for different investor needs.
    • Encourages investors to conduct further research, visit websites, and verify regulatory compliance.
  7. FAQs:

    • Answers common questions about the best robo-advisors in Europe and the investment requirements.
    • Emphasizes the importance of individual research and due diligence for investors.

In conclusion, the article provides a comprehensive overview of the robo-advisor landscape in Europe, offering valuable guidance for investors based on specific criteria and preferences.

Best Robo-Advisors in Europe in 2024 (Compared) | Robo-Advisor Finder (2024)
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