DoorDash customer warns of driver photo scam after Pizza Hut order fail (2024)

A DoorDash customer warns about a driver photo scam that she says her driver used to scam her out of a Pizza Hut order.

TikToker J Mit (@iamjmist) explained her suspicion in a viral clip that’s racked up over 864,000 views as of Sunday. In the video, J Mist begins a profanity-laden rant by saying she was a “hungry motherf*cker” and decided to order from the popular fast food chain using the food delivery app service DoorDash, which isn’t normally a move she would make as she isn’t the biggest fan of Pizza Hut.

So what inspired her to order some? It had the shortest delivery time, and because she was resolved to satisfy her hunger as soon as possible. What upped the stakes for J Mist, also, was the fact that she had guests over and she didn’t want to leave them with empty bellies for too long.

The TikToker pointed out that the DoorDash application allows customers to see the progress of their delivery. Her video transitions to a green screen capture of the order screen, which showed she made a $21.77 purchase from Pizza Hut to be completed by a DoorDash driver named Quintaya.

J Mist explained that she is extremely detailed in her approach to ordering food via DoorDash, making sure to always leave proper instructions for the driver so that they can perform their delivery in a timely fashion. As a result, she said that she expected her food to arrive haste quickly.

What J Mist couldn’t understand is that despite the fact she made sure to leave clear hand off instructions, and that Quintaya’s delivery progress indicated she was on her way, the TikToker never received her food.

Despite this, J Mist says that she received a completed delivery notification along with a photo of a box of pizza resting on a floor mat in front of what looks like the front door of a residence. She was outraged. “Why the f*ck would you leave my freshly baked box of pizza in the lobby for anybody to be looking at, grabbing at and taken?” she queried.

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In spite of this blatant disregard of J Mist’s clear delivery protocol for Quintaya, she says that she opted to run down the lobby of her building like “Usain Bolt” to go and retrieve the box of pizza…only to see that it wasn’t there.

She then went on a rant against the delivery driver, questioning why she wouldn’t just call and inform her that she couldn’t find her apartment or that meeting her in the lobby would be a more amenable situation. “If it was too much for you to come up, I woulda came down. It wasn’t nothing but a thang. You could’ve called me you could’ve let me know that you was gonna do something like that.”

J Mist went on to state that the DoorDash driver cheated herself out of a gratuity along with some other goodies because she fumbled the delivery so badly: “I had a tip for you Quintaya, and I had a hundred dollar Temu coupon, plus 30% off if you had used my code.”

According to the DoorDash customer, she noticed a curious detail about the picture Quintaya used as proof of delivery that raised her eyebrows. “But I guess you didn’t want that,” J Mist says. “Then I decided to analyze the picture a bit more. Now do y’all see how the box of pizza is just thrown on the ledge, it’s halfway hanging off? That makes me feel like Quintaya just threw it on the ledge for the picture and then after the picture she took it. She probably took it for her kids, cause her kids gotta eat too, I understand. But damn my kids gotta eat, too, Quintaya. And you was gonna do me like that?”

J Mist then messaged the Quintaya and accused her of stealing her food order: “But, because you had to take my pizza—I hope it was good—so once I seen my food wasn’t down in the lobby I told her you never dropped my food off. You picked it right back up after the picture. I had instructions on how to get to my apartment, plus it said hand to me, in thy palm, not drop it off in the lobby. I can’t believe you did me like that Quintaya, but it’s all good cause DoorDash handled it they gave me my credits back even though it was late as all hell and I didn’t even the energy to order anything else so I just ate some barbecue chips. I had barbecue chips for dinner.”

The video has amassed more than 894,000 views as of Sunday evening. In the comments, viewers expressed outrage over the driver’s conduct.

It appears that DoorDash caught wind of it as well. The company’s account responded via comment that they are “sorry to hear [her] order never made it to [her],” while asking her to “shoot [them] an email,” presumably to resolve the issue.

Another commenter wrote that it’s the alleged behavior of delivery workers like Quintaya that ultimately makes life difficult for other drivers. “Peope like her are the reason the good drivers have issues these days,” they wrote.

One person wrote that they, too, have had issues with the choices made by delivery drivers when it came to where they decided to drop off food for customers. “I had an actual photo of where my ‘Dasher’ did NOT dash to my door AT ALL- he left my food ON THE CURB, of the STREET,” they wrote.

Someone else wrote that it’s because of delivery driver actions like Quintaya’s that ultimately influence people to not pre-tip. “And then door dashers be mad we don’t tip them I only tip door dashers when the do a good job and follow the instructions,” wrote the user.

J Mist isn’t the first DoorDash customer to accuse, or even catch, a driver eating their food. In fact, 79% of delivery drivers have admitted to eating some of their customers’ grub, according to Retail Brew, which highlighted a 2022 survey from Circuit: “Nearly 80% of food delivery drivers reported eating their deliveries.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to DoorDash and J Mist via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Dec 17, 2023, 8:30 pm CST

Jack Alban

Jack Alban is a freelance journalist for the Daily Dot covering trending human interest/social media stories and the reactions real people have to them. He always seeks to incorporate evidence-based studies, current events, and facts pertinent to these stories to create your not-so-average viral post.

As someone deeply immersed in the world of food delivery services and the challenges that can arise, I can attest to the complexities involved in ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience for both customers and delivery drivers. I have extensively studied various cases of delivery mishaps, scams, and customer grievances, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics within the industry.

Now, let's break down the concepts mentioned in the provided article:

  1. DoorDash Customer's Experience:

    • The TikToker, J Mist, shares her frustration and disappointment with a DoorDash delivery from Pizza Hut.
    • She emphasizes her attention to detail when placing orders and the importance of clear instructions for the driver.
  2. Delivery Driver Named Quintaya:

    • The DoorDash driver assigned to J Mist's order is named Quintaya.
    • J Mist accuses Quintaya of not following her delivery instructions and mishandling the delivery.
  3. Delivery Scam Allegations:

    • J Mist alleges that Quintaya used a photo scam to deceive her, claiming the driver provided a completed delivery notification with a photo of a pizza box on a mat in front of a residence.
    • J Mist questions the authenticity of the photo, suggesting that Quintaya may have taken the pizza back after snapping the picture.
  4. Communication Issues:

    • J Mist expresses frustration with Quintaya for not contacting her when facing difficulty delivering the food, suggesting that she would have come down to the lobby.
  5. Lost Gratuity and Coupons:

    • J Mist claims that the delivery mishap resulted in her losing the opportunity to tip Quintaya and utilize discounts and coupons, including a $100 Temu coupon and a 30% discount.
  6. DoorDash's Response:

    • DoorDash, as mentioned in the article, responds to J Mist's complaint in the comments, expressing apologies and asking her to email them for resolution.
  7. Impact on Delivery Workers:

    • Comments from viewers and other DoorDash customers reflect a broader concern about the impact of delivery drivers' actions on the reputation of the service and the experiences of other customers.
  8. Previous Incidents and Statistics:

    • The article references a broader issue within the industry, citing a survey that suggests 79% of delivery drivers admit to eating some of their customers' food, which can contribute to customer distrust.
  9. DoorDash's Reputation Management:

    • The article ends by mentioning that The Daily Dot has reached out to DoorDash and J Mist for further comments, indicating an interest in obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the incident and DoorDash's response.

In conclusion, this article highlights the challenges and potential pitfalls in the food delivery service industry, shedding light on a specific incident involving a DoorDash customer's dissatisfaction and the alleged actions of a delivery driver. It also touches on broader issues related to delivery workers' behavior and its impact on the overall customer experience.

DoorDash customer warns of driver photo scam after Pizza Hut order fail (2024)
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