Echo/Dialogue/Downpour (2024)

Unlike the base game's Echoes, the names of the Echoes introduced in Downpour are not listed anywhere within the achievements due to consoles having limitations on the number of achievements a game may add at once. Because Echo names have previously only been revealed through achievements, their names are not present in-game; however, they do have names that were originally intended to be used by the More Slugcats team. Some of the More Slugcats team members posting, discussing, and eventually confirming these names in the Rain World Discord.

Echo/Dialogue/Downpour (1) MetropolisTwelve Beads among Burning Skies

Before defeating the Chieftain Scavenger

You are stuck in a cycle of wrath and destruction, simple being.

Gripped by raw emotions whose chains bind you, destined to this land.

Shortcomings of the past haunt one and all like whispering phantoms.

Listen. Let this be a warning to you...

An unrewarding battle awaits, culminating in a path of no return.

A perpetuity of struggles begetting more of the same.

Find a way out, if you still can.

After defeating the Chieftain Scavenger

You, who have encountered a consequence much like my own.

Gripped by raw emotions whose chains bind you, destined to this land.

Shortcomings of the past haunt one and all like whispering phantoms.

An unrewarding battle awaits, culminating in a path of no return.

A perpetuity of struggles begetting more of the same.

We are a pair who have forfeited everything.

As a Slugcat other than Artificer

What brings you to this lonely place?

Do you seek the same isolation that I once did in flesh?

An angry fool I was, blinded by fervor and pride!

Now here I linger. Chained to the memories of a city I had once struggled to escape!

Bound by recollections of those who I could not leave behind.

The irony is not lost on me, mouse!

Spoilers end here.Echo/Dialogue/Downpour (2)

All Echoes have unique dialogue when speaking with the Echo/Dialogue/Downpour (3)Echo/Dialogue/Downpour (4) Saint, and new Echoes are added to Undergrowth, Frigid Coast, and Submerged Superstructure.

Echo/Dialogue/Downpour (5) UndergrowthRhinestones beneath Shattered Glass

Do you see the same as me?

Beauty continuing to bloom even in a place long forgotten.

I did not have the will to depart, nor the desire.

Why did they always search for an escape, as if we were imprisoned?

What offering from the void could usurp the gift of life already given?

This moment, right here! It is where we are meant to be.

Echo/Dialogue/Downpour (6) Solitary TowersNineteen Spades, Endless Reflections

From my perch, I've overlooked this land for an eternity.

Watched as this vast expanse was blanketed into an endless tundra.

We remain trapped in place, and yet can never stop moving.

Funneled endlessly into an unknown future...

To what destination do these memories reach?

Echo/Dialogue/Downpour (7) Silent ConstructSix Grains of Gravel, Mountains Abound

Our presence has been revealed to you now, young one.

The attunement has become... much nearer.

Like a ripple distorted upon a moonlit reflection.

Repetitous, seemingly endless strife.

An unimaginable curse.

Swim with the tide or against it.

Echo/Dialogue/Downpour (8) Frigid CoastDistant Towers upon Cracked Earth

You stand upon our creation.

I toiled away until my final breath. As did many of us, through countless generations.

Research, shipments, architecture, computation, politics, worship, revolutions!

All for a heap of rusted metal steeped in a puddle of frozen water.

I placed my faith into the hands of random gods.

Now I must endure it to the end.

Echo/Dialogue/Downpour (9) Windswept SpiresDroplets upon Five Large Droplets

Another presence attempts to commune with mine.

Have I perceived your voice before? I have existed long enough to overhear them all.

Those who have been, and those who have yet to be.

Each serving as a wave propagating throughout the annals of history.

Listened as I have for many eons, 'tis true, some of those swells cannot help but mirror back.

Echo/Dialogue/Downpour (10) Desolate FieldsA Bell, Eighteen Amber Beads

Why is it?

This long forgotten place beckons me, drawn by a certain presence...

The fields here are not as I remember. Too much has changed.

But, by forfeiting familiarities, perhaps something new is gained?

Despite all, this site still has not revealed the entirety of its secrets.

Perhaps that is the reason for my continued imprisonment.

Echo/Dialogue/Downpour (11) Primordial UndergroundTwo Sprouts, Twelve Brackets

A little beast!

Come to join me in this great undoing.

The old world will soon vanish, wiped from history, to pave a path for the dawning of a new era.

How many have been consumed so far? Were we the tenth civilization, or the thousandth?

Amusingly, they thought their small struggles bore such great significance.

All was naught but to serve the void.

Echo/Dialogue/Downpour (12) Submerged SuperstructureEight Spots on a Blind Eye

Such drive! Such tenacity! All to come to such a lonely forsaken place!

Was it all to find me, young one, or did the idea of such a journey itself spark the fire within you?

Such enthusiasm should be rewarded! What an amazing little beast you are!

Spoilers end here.Echo/Dialogue/Downpour (13)

Echo/Dialogue/Downpour (2024)
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