Lindsay Shiver released on bail after appearing in court (2024)

Posted at 3:04 PM, August 9, 2023 and last updated 12:36 PM, August 11, 2023

Katie McLaughlin and Lauren Silver

ABACO, Bahamas (Court TV) — One day after she was first expected to be released on bail, an American woman arrested for conspiring to kill her husbandin the Bahamas appeared alongside her alleged lover in court.

Lindsay Shiver released on bail after appearing in court (3)

Lindsay Shiver leaves court Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2023 in The Bahamas. (Court TV)

Lindsay Shiver was released on Wednesday afternoon, one day after she had initially been expected to leave jail. She was not released on Tuesday because she had not yet shown proof of residency in the Bahamas. At a hearing Wednesday, Lindsay presented a lease agreement to the court.

Court TV’s Matt Johnson, who is on the ground in the Bahamas, learned that Lindsay’s husband, Robert Shiver, approved his wife’s release, but it was her family that put up her bail money.

The court clerk told Court TV that the bail conditions are as follows: Lindsay cannot have contact with the other two defendants, her husband, and cannot contact any of the prosecution witnesses. She is permitted to speak with her three young sons.

Lindsay was fitted with ankle monitor, and must report to the Cable Beach Police station in Nassau every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before 6 p.m. She must remain in Nassau until her October 5 court date. Any travel will requite permission. Lindsay also has a curfew, and must be in her residence every evening from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m.

Wednesday’s hearing in the Bahamas was to formally bring charges against Lindsay and two alleged co-conspirators — Terrance Adrian Bethel, 28, and Farron Newbold Jr., 29 — who are accused of plotting to kill Lindsay’s husband, former Auburn football player Robert Shiver.

Lindsay, a former pageant queen who met Robert when she was a cheerleader and he was a player for Auburn, is accused of conspiring with two Bahamian natives to kill Robert on July 16 while on the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas.

The Georgia couple, who own a vacation home in the Bahamas, had filed for divorce in April after 13 years of marriage. According to court records, Robert, 38, filed for divorce on April 5, while Lindsay, 36, followed suit on April 6.

Lindsay Shiver released on bail after appearing in court (4)

Auburn football players Gabe McKenzie, left rear, Pete Compton (62) and Robert Shiver (60) look on as wide receiver Robert Dunn spins a basketball on his finger in this 2006 photo. Shiver’s estranged wife is accused of conspiring to have him killed in July 2023. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Robert’s filing states that the marriage is irrevocably broken as a result of Lindsay’s “adulterous conduct.” Lindsay’s filing states that she has “incurred debt beyond her means to pay” and requests that Robert be obligated to pay.

Bethel and Newbold had previously been released on $20,000 each. Their bail conditions are the same as Lindsay’s, but they will have to check in at a different jail.

Bethel and Lindsay were allegedly having an affair when Robert filed for divorce. In a shocking twist to an already sordid story, Lindsay’s husband reportedly helped clear the way for her release. After speaking to Robert, prosecutors announced Lindsay would be permitted to be freed on a cash bail of $100,000.

The alleged murder-for-hire plot was foiled when police investigating a break-in at a bar and grill on the Bahamian island of Guana inadvertently discovered messages about the plan on the WhatsApp messaging platform.

In court on Wednesday, Shiver was seen brushing shoulders with her alleged lover as they entered the courtroom. She also exchanged looks and whispered with her codefendants, who all sat together in a box with bars at the center of the courtroom.

Lindsay and Robert have three young sons and maintain a residence in Thomasville, Georgia. Robert is an executive at a life insurance company who was briefly signed with the NFL.

Court TV producer Anna Armas contributed to this report.

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Lindsay Shiver released on bail after appearing in court (2024)


What is going on with Lindsay Shiver? ›

July 2023: Lindsay Shiver and two men, one of whom she is romantically linked to, are arrested in the Bahamas. She and Robert Shiver owned a house there. Bahamas Court News wrote that police officers uncovered a plot to kill her husband while investigating a break-in at Grabber's Bar and Grill on Guana.

Can Lindsey Shiver see her kids? ›

Lindsay is currently facing charges for the alleged murder-for-hire plot in the Bahamas, but a judge there allowed her to travel to the United States over the holidays to see her young children, whom she shares with Robert.

Who is Lindsay Shiver married to? ›

Who are Lindsay and Robert Shiver? Lindsay Shiver, a graduate of Auburn University and former Alabama beauty queen, married Robert Shiver, a millionaire and former professional football player in 2010.

How old is Lindsay Shiver? ›

"Kill him" was the WhatsApp message authorities say 36-year-old Lindsay Shiver admitted in a police interrogation to sending an alleged hitman, along with photos of her husband, Robert Shiver, who Bahamian police say became fearful for his life and the lives of his children.

Where is Lindsey Shiver living? ›

Lindsay is charged in the Bahamas where she and Robert shared a home, but the couple has another property in Georgia where Robert has been living with the couple's three young children. While Lindsay has been out of jail on bond since August, but was not allowed to leave the Bahamas and had to surrender her passport.

What did Robert Shiver do for a living? ›

Following his college career, Robert Shiver signed with the Atlanta Falcons as a free agent but was released ahead of the 2009 season. He later became executive vice president for Senior Life Insurance Company.

How much time is Lindsay Shiver facing? ›

If convicted, Shiver, Bethel, and Newbold Jr. could face 30 and 60 years behind bars. Copyright 2024 Nexstar Media Inc.

How many kids does Robert Shiver have? ›

The 26-year-old reality TV star and host of her Unlocked podcast recently opened up about how her relationship with Shiver, 38, is unlike any other due to the fact that he has three children.

What is Robert Shivers' net worth? ›

The celebrity website, 'Celebsweek,' estimates Shiver to be worth over $9 million. The former long snapper and his family live on a multi-million dollar property in Thomasville, Georgia. He has another property, a holiday home, in the Bahamas.

Who are Lindsay Shivers' parents? ›

Cecilia and Andrew Shirley are as 'bewildered' by the supposed 'murder-for-hire' plot as Shiver's estranged husband Robert and the couple's three boys aged four, six and 10, a well-placed source told

How did Savannah Chrisley meet Robert Shiver? ›

Chrisley previously revealed on Nick Viall's podcast that the couple had met after she slid into Shiver's DMs. Savannah Chrisley just went Instagram official with her new boyfriend. The 26-year-old debuted her relationship with Robert Shiver on Instagram Nov.

Who is Robert Shriver? ›

Rob Shriver serves as the Acting Director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). His portfolio includes recruiting and hiring, pay and leave, labor relations, performance management, the Senior Executive Service, work-life, telework, and supporting governmentwide diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Is Lindsay Shiver still in the Bahamas? ›

Lindsay Shiver was cleared to return to the US by a judge in the Bahamas. A Georgia woman accused of plotting to kill her husband with two other people in the Bahamas was cleared by a judge to return to the United States while she awaits trial, her attorney said Thursday.

What is Lindsay Shivers' maiden name? ›

Lindsay Shiver's maiden name is Shirley, and according to Houston County Pageant Incorporated, she was named Miss Houston County in 2005 while also placing second in the National Peanut Festival pageant. Robert Shiver is the Executive Vice President of Senior Life Insurance Company.

Who are Lindsay Shiver's parents? ›

Lindsay Shiver parents Cecilia D. Shirley and Andy Shirley. Lindsay is a former beauty pageant queen. She and two other men were detained in the Bahamas for conspiring to murder her husband, Robert Shiver, a former Auburn Tiger football player.

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