Pros & Cons to Being a CMT/Med Tech/Passing Meds (2023)


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I got stuff to do.

I got 41 people to pass man.

Suger's had this time on, keep pushing hi everybody on your favor speed.

So today, I'm gonna talk about the pros and the cons to being a seat empty.

So a CMC is certified medication technician.

Basically, it passed our medications to patients and that's thing it sounds pretty simple, but the job you gotta know what you're told you I be able to focus and get things done, because it's a big deal like it's.

It's a big deal pass amends out.

Okay, so I stopped.

So if you fail to use- and here are the pros and the cons, so one of the pros is that it's less physical work.

You know, as a CNA you're tugging on people pulling people giving people showers like constantly transferring somebody from this place to another place from the chair to the pants from the bed to wherever you know, you're constantly doing all these different things, and it's so much on you physically, but what a seam team you're not pulling inserting on people, you pushing the cart, getting your pills, given the pills officer, patient, keeping it pushing like it's, not super, straining on you.

So if you get older or get you know up there a jury.

Just fine like okay, this MC work, it's just too much.

I still understand the field.

I love my patients, but this is just too much consider going to see them see.

A lot of jobs will pay for you to do it.

You know they might have a program for you to go, become a CNC I love, my in st.

Louis, it's something called slate which I think they have slate like kind of all over the US.

Let me know if they have slate in your area, but basically they do train for people.

So if you're already seeing that, then you have to be a CNA for like six months and then you can apply to get them Center program, but they will pay for you to get your samtcy license.

So that's awesome, alright! So that's something to look into just see what type of like workforce programs they have your area to help you do that I'm sure it's not so since I think probably seems like CMT's from me under a thousand dollars and you might even get a scholarship if you don't qualify for the state to pay for it yeah.

But it is something good to do.

Is you get older in age from what I've seen and my as far as people who have been there the longest? The CMT's are the ones who basically have been there forever 2530 years like they keep their CMT's, because I think it's just way less physical work and way less drama.

So that leaves me in number two.

It's way less drama in passing medication as a CNA you're constantly having to you know, deal with family saying: oh, you didn't wake my mom up at this time or you didn't do that or she's probably wearing this and oh I gotta get in shower and you get in so with the same CNN before you, because she didn't make the business and the third it can be just too much drama.

You got then, with the nurse coming at you with this and understand they come and shoot like it's so much drama, CMT photos.

What you're doing Pastore medications keep it pushing on.

You don't have to deal with the drama of the job, so I think it just helps you put to just feel okay.

I can do this.

One minute, like you know, is less or is less physical work and I gotta deal with which I can kind of be on the side.

Just looking like, oh wow, hmm, oh okay, you know they see everything.

All I see em see that I had interconnects I.

We see everything yeah.

We see everything cuz we walking around here and what's going on everyone's cuz, he walking from Running Room and we kind of just be in the background, or not only thing.

We see her everything, okay, alright um.

So yes, it's less drama and then also like a pro, isn't sure on your own, like as a CNA.

If you have to transfer somebody with a Hoyer lift like you have to wait for it saying Eddie come help you, if you have a combative patient at the way for CNN, come help you like it.

You have to work in the same as with CNAs and Sam, see you on your own, like you just do your own thing, keep it pushin, like I said you can go part of host ship without really talking to anybody that you work with just being your own zone.

Pass me appeals going break, come back pack, some more pills go home like that's that you can kind of just focus on what you're doing and be done with it.

To me, that's a good thing, because sometimes you don't want to be part of it or have to wait.

Somebody else to come help you, so you could do your job, so it's taking even longer like, especially if there's no teamwork where you work sucks.

So yes, that's one of those.

The probes, not the cons.

I was trying to get like more pros, but you know people be like I can't fan is in third, so some of the cons is that you have to go back in fourth, sometimes with patience as far as like, okay I just gave her all her morning, meds and move on to the next person.

Next person, that's working this person, and then she know if Santa is like old touch-touch taking you first, how long I just left this room 10 minutes ago when I was in the room? Why didn't you ask for time off so now, I have to stop what I'm doing and go get you a time.

Then I'ma be nice.

Talking to you, you hurt me, don't tell me about this, then the third I got stuff to do.

I got 41 people to pass two girls had this time.

I'll keep pushing yeah, I, know, yeah I, know nurse, but not like this, but that's how you'd be thinking like.

Oh, my gosh I got so much to freaking.

Do like come on now come on so sometimes you back and forth when it comes to period, which can be a pain in the butt.

Who is that, sometimes you are looking for medications.

You're, like okay cause.

It's a huge car I told you I'm in my first video that in my job we have this huge cart.

You push around and it's like peels everywhere medications everywhere for like 50 60 people, you're like where the heck is this person.

Spiriva I cannot find her freaking spiriva, that's the baby, yeah, so you're.

Looking on the car for the cerebral, you go to the mailroom for this.

Really you can't find in there.

You say you know what I give up I can't find it.

Then you go ahead and pop a lot of patients pills, take the main pills and be like you know: I can't find your ice cream.

Oh I have right here, I keep it in my bedside.

So you guys for the past ten minutes with the medication, and it's like to keep it right here, like really inners.

No, no, this is they doing like really like I should want even told me.

I've spent all this time looking for these peels, so they can be the thing looking for medications.

Like I said in my previous video.

Sometimes people don't stock their cart, so you have to stop and look for medications in it become a hot mess because I'm telling you the time I've done it I can't find anything.

It's gig stop for CNA work as I said so Banksy like you in a room, give him pills she's like oh.

Can you lift me up in the bed or? Oh can you you know, give me a cup I.

So can't do this, okay, yeah I'll! Do it because you don't wanna, be Petty and be like? Oh handsome teeth like have your yummy penny, but hey you're, sayin anything when I got past.

He feels bad like you, don't want to be paid like that, but it's just like.

If you do that to like five patients, you know okay, girl, like where you got seeing a it like this I got pills to pass off ya, can't help with my job.

I can help y'all out, but I can help me so where y'all live, I can come to that point, um, which I can see that being annoying, sometimes even as a nurse you're like oh my gosh, like I'm over here toilet in people shower and people, don't always have a random stuff.

I'm like okay, the CNA could really be doing this, not just say like a being a home being my own man nurse.

It's like I'm, not doing us a CNN job, but sometimes yeah I, don't know yeah I know yeah yeah coworkers in some say names that you work behind and you like, or you work waiting about.

Okay, look like they ain't, never around, like I, don't mind doing stuff.

For my patient thing.

They it's the patient but sometimes should be looking at the stand.

We were like.

No, it's not a patient mean yeah like you need, because you're not doing your job like.

Why do I have to always do that? It's like you're, not even busy like weren't, even even on the floor like what's going on, so that's what I think the Sam T was talking about like as far as like working with people who not knowing what they opposed to do.

So you have to pick up.

The slack can really interfere with what you're doing and then another con, which is also a pro, is that you're on your own? So it's the measure behind.

If you can't find Maddy and you are behind giving medications it's on you like, you, can't really go to nobody to help.

You now, of course, there's a plenty of times with my CMT's like okay.

She popping appeals I'm in a manner wrong.

I mean we're in the dining room she pops them.

We both looking at the me because she's like here this is for such and such I think to the person and she still probably feel afraid this was such a session.

I think that person like I'll help them run their man's out.

That's happened deal because, like I said it's a big freaking past like here, you want past my 5060 people and you got a new breakfast lunch and you got to do some pills before you go home so today like it can be really hectic.

So you know, as a nurse try to help out your families, but really thin.

Today is a con.

You are on your own, so just to keep that in mind, you know start early, get there on time and just start working get to know your patients gives like a flow going and just start working, because you can't keep talking to people in order unless you really know what you're doing so and it beginning just work on getting your, like.

You know getting everything together getting to know your patients gonna know your past, even though we're all medications or we're over-the-counter medications are things like that and going from there.

So that's that those are the pros and cons of being a CMC.

Let me know if you all come up with anything else.

Put them in the comment section.

Remember that you all can find my earrings on my Etsy shop.

Also I, have the link in the description box also join the your favor Facebook group, it's for open for anybody.

Cna CMT's nurses, nursing students, people who are just interested in nursing, see what's going on like join the Facebook group is open for everybody and then also, if you're interested in my mommy videos.

I have a video on video I have a challenges all of my lifestyle as a mom as a person who doesn't eat meat I have full videos of them, but also stuff.

On my channel.

It's called stay forever.

True, so check that out.

Thank you all for watching peace.


Is medication administration the same as med tech? ›

In general, however, medication aides focus on administrative and clerical work, while medication technicians provide direct care to patients. The critical difference here is the ability to provide medication under supervision. You must have a license or certification to be able to interact with patients in this way.

What does a CMT do in the medical field? ›

The overall purpose of the Certified MedicationTechnician (CMT) position is to administer oral and topical medications to residents. This individual must perform these tasks as ordered by a physician, under the supervision of a licensed nurse, and in accordance with state and federal rules and regulations.

What is the difference between Medtech and CNA? ›

CMAs, also known as certified med techs or med aides, are CNAs with additional qualifications that allow them to dispense certain drugs to patients under the supervision of a RN. They also monitor patients and document any response to the drug's dosing and use.

Is a med tech the same as a CMA? ›

A certified medication aide (CMA) — also called a med tech or a med aide — fulfills a vital role in the healthcare system.

What is the difference between CMA and mat? ›

CMAs will be eligible to work in long-term care facilities. They can work alongside doctors and physicians, administer medications, and handle some of the administrative duties. MATs will not have the license to work in any long-term care facility. As mentioned earlier, the certification is also quickly obtained.

What is meds tech? ›

Med Tech, or Medical Technology, is a broad discipline. It is defined as a field that accounts for technologies i.e. devices to the healthcare systems for diagnosis, patient care, treatment and improvement of a person's health.

What are the benefits of becoming a CMT? ›

It aims to develop technical analysis as well as professional analytical skills. An additional benefit of the program is that it provides a code of ethics and gives analysts an ethical framework to work within. Designed as a self-study program, the CMT Association provides a reading list and various study aids.

Is CMT a good qualification? ›

Among industry practitioners, the CMT designation is widely considered the gold standard in technical analysis globally.

Is CMT a good certification? ›

It is the highest certification within the industry and is well-known by other industry professionals around the world. Professionals who achieve the CMT designation have proven extensive knowledge of investment risk in portfolio management.

What is the difference between med tech and LPN? ›

Med Techs are not trained to perform the level of care that an LPN completes daily. Therefore, the main difference between Med Techs and LPNs is the level of patient care responsibility. With more responsibilities comes a higher salary. Med Techs should not expect to make as much hourly as LPNs.

What is the difference between l1ma and CMT? ›

The differences between the two are that a CMT is usually for skilled nursing facilities or hospitals, while a LIMA is for residential care facilities or assisted living centers.

What is the difference between a CMA and a RMA? ›

The Medical Assistant may choose to be registered (R.M.A) or certified (CMA). These designations merely depend on the organization to which she or he belongs. There is no qualitative difference between the two credentials simply because one uses the "Registered" and the other uses the "Certified" title.

What is the difference between med tech and med lab tech? ›

The difference between a medical technician vs medical technologist is this: medical laboratory technicians are limited to performing only routine testing duties in most situations. Medical technologists, or clinical laboratory scientists, usually oversee the technicians' work in addition to their own duties.

Is Med Tech the same as bio tech? ›

Medical Technologists perform lab tests used to diagnose and treat disease in a clinical setting while the Medical Biotechnologist works in a research setting, providing valuable data for scientific studies. Med Techs and Biotechs will have minimal to no patient contact.

Does CMA look good for medical school? ›

While it is not absolutely essential that you show medical assistant work on your med school application, admissions committees are much more likely to notice your application if you have the experience.

Where do CMAs make the most money? ›

Top 5 Highest Paid Medical Assistant Specialties
  • Podiatry Medical Assistant.
  • Medical Assistants with Insurance Skills.
  • Fertility Medical Assistant.
  • Cardiology Medical Assistant.
  • Ophthalmology Medical Assistant.
Feb 23, 2023

What can a CMA not do? ›

Medical assistants are not allowed to perform such invasive procedures as:
  • placing the needle or starting and disconnecting the infusion tube of an IV.
  • administering medications or injections into the IV line.
  • charting the pupillary responses.
  • inserting a urine catheter.
  • independently performing telephone triage.

Is a CCMA better than a CMA? ›

CCMA and CMAA certifications prepare you for a rewarding career in health care. The key difference is that the CCMA emphasizes clinical knowledge/skills with a secondary focus on administrative knowledge and skills, while the CMAA goes into greater breadth and depth on administrative skills only.

What industry is med tech? ›

The medical technology industry—often referred to as medtech—comprises the companies that develop, manufacture, and distribute the technologies, devices, equipment, diagnostic tests, and health information systems that are transforming health care through earlier disease detection, less-invasive procedures, and more ...

What is high tech medicine? ›

High Tech Medicines are, typically, expensive medicines which have been produced by biotechnological means, or contain new drugs with significant new therapeutic uses, or require prescribing by a consultant in a hospital setting.

What can I do with a CMT certification? ›

Attaining your CMT certification can help advance your career as a portfolio or hedge fund manager , investment adviser or strategist or chief investment officer.

Is the CMT exam difficult? ›

The first step, of course, is passing the CMT Exam, which consists of three levels of examinations on technical market analysis and portfolio management. These timed examinations, one of which consists wholly of an essay, are very challenging—especially for working financial advisors with busy schedules.

Is CMT Level 1 easy? ›

The CMT Level I exam is more on basic, entry-level competence and understanding of technical analysis. In this exam, one must be able to have a working knowledge of the basic tools of a technical analyst. Once the first level is successfully completed there is no time limit to pass the subsequent levels.

What is CMT equivalent to? ›

AmountToday at 7:30 pm
1 CMT₹0.13
5 CMT₹0.67
10 CMT₹1.33
50 CMT₹6.67
4 more rows

Is CMT the same as CNA? ›

CMT: Certified Medication Technician – certified by the MBON to give medication in a DDA setting. CNA: Certified Nursing Assistant – a person trained to assist nurses in care of individuals – bathing, vital signs, repositioning – does NOT give medication.

What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 CMT? ›

Level I focuses on a basic knowledge of the terminology and analytical tools used in technical analysis. Level II measures competency in the application of concepts, theory, and techniques covered by the required readings.

What is the best thing for CMT? ›

Physiotherapy is one of the most important therapies for improving the symptoms of CMT and reducing the risk of muscle contractures, where muscles shorten and lose their normal range of movement. Physiotherapy uses physical methods, such as massage and manipulation, to promote healing and wellbeing.

How long does it take to become CMT? ›

To earn the full CMT® designation, you must:

Work in a professional analytical or investment management capacity for a minimum of three years.

How much does CMT cost? ›

One-Year CMT (Monthly)
This WeekMonth Ago
One-Year CMT (Monthly)4.914.68
Jun 20, 2023

What is above an LPN? ›

There are five levels of nursing: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Registered Nurse (RN), Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). Each level has different requirements, educational qualifications, and salary rates.

Can LPN insert urinary catheter? ›

They are qualified to perform nursing tasks that require licensure such as: medication administration, wound care, tracheostomy care, Foley catheter insertion and other nursing tasks as directed by the Registered Nurse.

What is the highest nurse LPN or RN? ›

The levels of nurses range from diploma-prepared and vocational nurses, to LPNs to RNs to advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) to a doctor of nursing (DNP).

Which CMT is most common? ›

CMT 1 – the most common type, caused by defective genes that cause the myelin sheath to slowly break down. CMT 2 – a less common and usually less severe type than CMT 1, caused by defects in the axon.

Is CMT a form of MD? ›

Is CMT a type of Muscular Dystrophy? No, CMT is not a type of muscular dystrophy. CMT is primarily a disease of the peripheral nerves, whereas muscular dystrophy is a group of diseases of the muscle itself.

What is Type 1 a CMT? ›

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A (CMT1A) is a type of inherited neurological disorder that affects the peripheral nerves. People with this disease experience weakness and wasting (atrophy) of the muscles of the lower legs beginning in adolescence; later they can also have hand weakness and sensory loss.

What test is harder CMA or RMA? ›

Many medical assistants who have taken both exams state that the RMA exam is slightly easier than the CMA exam. The RMA exam costs $120. If you need to re-take the RMA exam, you must wait 45 days to try again and submit an examination retake form. The RMA certification is good for three years.

Is an RMA the same as a nurse? ›

A registered medical assistant (RMA) is responsible for administrative tasks and basic patient care, such as conducting basic tests, sterilizing instruments, and measuring vital signs. They are assistants to physicians and nurses, doing much of the back-end work to ensure the facility and patient care run smoothly.

Do you have multiple attempts to pass the exam for RMA and CMA credentials? ›

The questions cover topics such as infection control, healthcare information management, healthcare delivery, and patient safety. The CMA exam costs $125 to take. You are allowed three attempts to pass before you must repeat your medical assistant course.

What is higher than a lab technician? ›

While similar, there are a few key differences between a medical lab scientist and a medical lab technician. They both work in the lab and perform tests on biological samples, however, a medical lab scientist typically has more education and is able to perform more involved lab work.

What is medtech vs healthtech vs biotech? ›

Healthtech promotes personal care, medtech offers devices and instruments for better and more accurate treatment and diagnosis, and biotech creates useful drugs for previously incurable diseases.

What is the difference between a medical technologist and a cytotechnologist? ›

Medical Technologists review and conduct research activities. What is a Cytotechnologist? Cytotechnologists are skilled in examining human cellular material in search of abnormalities that are the warning signs of cancer.

What is the valuation of medtech? ›

In 2021, biotech valuation averages reached $145.3 million in VC pre-money valuations with $49.8 million median valuation, the report said. Medtech respectively earned $88.7 million and $22.5 million for their median and average valuations.

Is medtech considered life sciences? ›

With that, the medtech industry falls under the life-science umbrella. Companies working in the area produce things like devices, tools, software and machines. These are usually made to diagnose, treat, care or monitor people's health. Medtech products are mostly used within hospitals and tend to be regulated.

What is digital medtech? ›

Digital health technologies use computing platforms, connectivity, software, and sensors for health care and related uses. These technologies span a wide range of uses, from applications in general wellness to applications as a medical device.

What is considered medication administration? ›

Medication administration: the direct application of a prescribed medication—whether by injection, inhalation, ingestion, or other means—to the body of the individual by an individual legally authorized to do so.

What is as medical administration? ›

Definition. Medical administration covers a variety of health care management jobs in a number of settings, from managing a clinical department to overseeing a medical practice or large hospital.

What is the most common form of med administration? ›

Oral administration of medication is a convenient, cost-effective, and most commonly used medication administration route. The primary site of drug absorption is usually the small intestine, and the bioavailability of the medication is influenced by the amount of drug absorbed across the intestinal epithelium.

How many different types of medication administration are there? ›

The 6 routes of medication administration

To get a better understanding, here are the 6 most common routes: Oral – Swallowed through the patients mouth as either a tablet, liquid, capsule, lozenge or chewable tablet. Rectal – This may be the next option for those who can't swallow the medication.

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